So why do I choose Paris to begin my trip with you?
Because I think that Paris is the most romantic city in the world. Everything in Paris has a slow and soft nature and it looks more beautiful in any month of the year: the streets leading to Montmartre, where you can get lost among in the endless colors of the paintings that are exposed by painters in the Place du Tertre; the scent of chocolate crepes that you can taste on the road while walking, looking at the shops along the narrow streets that still retain a bohemian atmosphere; the Pigalle district of the historic Mulin Rouge and sex shops are the most original in the world; and what do you think of San German de Prés with its streets full of trendy shops, the streets of the Latin Quarter teeming with students and tourist at the Sorbonne, and restaurants where the waiters invite you in with phrases such as “Italians? Here the best cousine!”

For those who have large enough pockets, you can spend it on a shopping spree at the Galeries Lafayette (40, Boulevard Haussman), you should go during Christmas when you’ll find really attractive discounts. Even the department stores Printemps (64 Boulevard Haussman) are interesting for shopping, but beware of winter, as the temperature in these large shopping center is really high and there is a risk of suffocating, I suggest, therefore, to put something really light under your coats. I suggest also a long walk on the endless Champs Elysées where you’ll find the most prestigious shops. For those who like, however, dedicate to the delights of the palate, I recommend Ladurée (75 Avenue des Champs Elysées) a famous pastry shop (that also prepares a brunch) that will delight you with its gentle pastry of any shape: the professionalism of its waiters with their austere clothing, the rooms with large mirrors and paintings on the ceiling that take you back in time and you will have the feeling of sitting next Boudlaire or Rimbeau, but also dive in the famous Saint Honore with various flavours that will make you go crazy and for a moment you will not even feel human, but you will be inhibited from a mixture of flavours that it will stick forever in your memories. Ladurée is also a take away pastries shop, so, you can sit in the Louvre gardens, after a tiring day, under a tree and enjoy a delicious dessert closed in beautiful pastel color box that will seem like a shame to throw away at the end of your snack!
Not far from the Louvre I also advise you to try the famous Mont Blanc of Angelina (226 Rue de Rivoli) a fashion tea room of Paris where you can choose between your favourite pastry or a delicious brunch.
But why not go to 26 Place de la Magdeleine from Fauchon? This is a colorful purple shop where you will find sweet and savoury dishes: sit here in the evening to enjoy a dessert is a destination that cannot be missed, the pastry forms are aerodynamic, in Fauchon you will find about 600 different types of chocolate éclair to order (with the Monnalisa printed on top) you will not find the same number of the waiters of the Ladurèe but it is cheaper, and I assure you it’s worth it, also try their brioche!
For those who love to enjoy a delicious meal in a place where you can’t find tourists that like to be in contact only with the locals, the famous bistros and I recommend one in particular “Les fondus de la Raclette” (209 Boulevard Raspail) i nside its very characteristic: the waiter brings the meat on a cutting board with a pot of cheese fondue that is always kept warm and where you can dip your meat, or you can choose a wide range of cheese and meat, the prices are moderate and it’s easy to get there with the subway.
For those who like to take home some delights in detail, spices and weird jams, the strangest shapes of sugar I recommend Le Bon Marché (24 rue de Sévres). Another cute bistro is the “Le Comptoir”(37 rue Berger) at lunch price, in the evening has a fixed price, try the crab
soup and the ravioli in black pudding are gorgeous! For those who can’t live without French cheese, try Marie Anne Cantin ( 12 rue de Champ de Mars ) , a variety of cheeses that you will have a hard time trying to get away.
Another place I recommend to taste is ” Le Grand Colbert ” ( 2, rue Vivienne ) , where you can taste oysters, escargots, onion soup au gratin, the frog legs Provencal style, the profiteroles with hot chocolate, and many other fabulous dishes.
Another place that I advise is “Le Grand Colbert” (2, rue Vivienne), where you can taste delicious oysters, escargots, onion soup “au gratin”, frog legs provenzale style, profiteroles hot chocolate, and many other gorgeous dishes. And I have forgotten the crepes: that you can in the evening at Chez Eugene (17 Place du Tertre) those with Nutella or the ones with chocolate.
So Paris is the city of the taste and pleasure where everything in a taste becomes mystical and fascinating, flavour gives you a sense of things and gives you an orientation around the city that no map can give you, because you cannot know a city without tasting it!

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