Who I am

Laura Pennisi
Who am I?

I’d be one, no one, 100,000:
– A degree in Languages
– PhD in Geography research
– Erasmus National University of Ireland Maynooth- Co-Kildare
– Participation, as speaker, at International Conferences
 – Scientific publications
– Teacher
I dream travel too much and I write fairy tales for children in English.

Yet, three years ago, after a personal problem, I decided to change again: I began to follow a few chefs, I was sous chef in a relay, but I lacked preparation. I took a professional course, then the stage, and then I started working as a personal chef and in Milan I attended several cooking classes.

What I would like to be?

A good chef smiling, watching the customers that come out of his restaurant happy even though they have spent a bit much!

What I would do?

Work well and seriously with people who love the cooking and that care to use quality products!

What I will never do?

Cook badly, tasteless and without love (as Cannavacciuolo says) Cook for Gualtiero Marchesi (I wish so!)
Working for Cracco
Kiss Colin Firth (he is married! Now that I think of it, I am too!) How I am
Messy and to dispel the myth that our clutter we always find everything, that has never happened to me!
I love beautiful shoes, but very low and comfortable.
I do not like spaghetti, I always hated them, because I have always made use of the so  called “assisted rolling” that is, the spoon, has always helped me to twist them; but cook them for others and tell me that I do them quite well.By the way! If you invite me to dinner, do not make me spaghetti, please! (All my friends know)
I love coca – cola: I’ve always loved and will never betray it!
I love dogs, and the bigger they are, the more I like them, especially the ones with those sad and languid eyes that always beg for food at the table! It is really hard to resist, I know something about it!
When traveling its is my habit, since ever, to leave with a lot of old things (pajamas, slippers, underwear, pants, etc.), so I can buy a lot of stuff and abandon all these things there, that I no longer need.
I love Travelling! Usually I get everywhere, the day begins at 8 am and ends when my husband and I have blisters on our feet! On trips I try to taste as much as possible, I especially love tropical fruit and soups.

My favorite things:

the color -orange the stone -emerald
dish – Neapolitan pizza
sweet – strictly cannoli Palermo
writers – Orhan Pamuk, Gunter Grass  artists – Toulouse Lautrec, Gustav Klimt,  Egon Schiele
advertising – Yomo with Aldo, Giovanni and Giacomo (2001)
sport –  jogging (practiced more with the mind than with your own legs!)

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